Friday, September 23, 2011



Fall is here and so are the best flavors of the year. When dropping by World Market the other day to pick up this cute guy,

I went a little crazy with the annual beta-carotene display. My cart was filled with butternut pasta sauce, pumpkin gnocchi, and pumpkin ale (I had to stop myself at the sweet potato NERD). Some butternut squash, sweet potatoes, and pumpkin granola from Whole Foods and I'm set for October.

 I've been reaching outside my culinary comfort zone to test out several new food products lately. Some recent purchases:
Shirataki pasta (tofu noodles!), Raisin and Cinnamon flavored mochi, and Seitan (wheat gluten that is really high in protein and tastes like meat).

I'll report back on the tofu noodles and mochi.

Seitan. Hm.

Cooked seitan. Hmmm.

Remember those herbs I talked about? I present to you fresh lavender and lemon balm that make my apt oh-so-aromatic.
I heart veggies. It's true.

 My other hearts:

Kicking off my shoes in the kitchen.

Going out with sweet friends
and visitors!

 my job!

Yeah! Burger

The DeKalb Farmers Market

Marcona Almonds (a newfound indulgence)


Voluspa Champaca Bloom and Fern room spray from Anthropologie 

What I've been cookin'
Black Bean Brownies. SO good. Really. 

My mom's bran muffins

Spinach and Barley Risotto (with Taro chips)
I only had red wine. Should have used white. Still not half bad.


Amaranth Tabouli

Amaranth is kind of like quinoa-- it's actually a seed

Mushroom Couscous
King oyster mushroom. Come reign over your couscous kingdom.

Couscous, meet sauteed goodness. (They're soon to be married).

Til next time, friends.


  1. Oh you have been busy.You have such a nice job too;) And spending time with friends is best thing ever:))

  2. I would totally buy in bulk from lentils, yes please!

  3. o and dogfish head punkin ale=officially fall. da best.

  4. Loved visiting you in Atlanta! Drinking pumpkin ale, eating at YEAH! Burger, drinking juices, the DeKalb Market, peanut butter pancakes-oh, the memories! Hopefully, I"ll be back very soon to add to the list.

    I heart veggies too. No shame in flaunting my WF bag:)