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Thanks, Delta!

Boy, have I got a product for you. I mean it. Grab your car keys, read this post, then head to the store. You will LOVE it-- guaranteed-- or your blog-reading time back. I guess.

 Have you ever flown Delta and tasted the yummy little Biscoff cookies they give you? The ones with the Dutch windmill cookie cinnamony flavor that are surprisingly tasty despite their dog food-esque appearance? Well that company has created a new product-- It's called "Biscoff Spread" and it's going viral.

Think sweet flavor of those cookies combined with the velvety texture of peanut butter. Sound weird? Try it. Biscoff will not let you down. Promise.

Two reality show contestants in Belgium invented the spread. After the duo won first prize for their creation, cookie companies followed by recreating their own concoctions. Biscoff Spread is now quickly becoming the next Nutella in Europe and has jumped across the pond to America.

photo courtesy of Biscoff.com

You can order the spread online or buy it in select grocery stores-- I got mine at The Fresh Market. Here is a $1 off coupon from the manufacturer's website.

Biscoff Spread is so versatile (just like peanut butter). So far I have tried it on a banana, in a smoothie, on wheat crackers, on top of ice cream, and, of course, by the spoonful. All were delicious.

I just discovered while looking at the Lotus Bakeries company website that they also produce the Anna's Cookies Thins Biscuits varieties. If you have never had these, I highly recommend them, as well! The Ginger are my favorite.

Enjoy your Biscoff Spread. I hope you are not even reading at this point but rather browsing the nut butter aisle of your grocery store instead.


Let's Go to the Movies

Foodista, an online "cooking encyclopedia," has documented the "10 Most Mouth Watering Moments in Film." I pulled my personal favorites from the list and posted below. Enjoy a trip down memory lane!

 Pure Imagination Scene, Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory

(My favorite scene of my most favorite movie of all time!)

Feast Scene, Hook

 Be Our Guest Scene, Beauty and the Beast


Would You Like Froth With That?

The aerolatte. A tool that has changed my life. 

Maybe that's a bit of an overstatement, but, after frothing your next latte with this handheld device, I think you would agree. 

The aerolatte is a fabulous way to add a little "umph" to your brew. It is a simple concept that allows one to froth his milk without using steam or your Starbucks barista. Simply heat your milk (no heavy cream required-- I even use skim milk with mine), then whip it with the aerolatte for about 15-30 seconds and there you have it-- a homemade coffee drink in minutes. Easy as pie (which would go so well with your whipped coffee concoction). 

Their website offers recipes for drinks one can produce with the aerolatte. I have not ventured beyond the basic cappuccino or latte yet but am very tempted by the Almond Cappuccino and the Cafe Coretti

The aerolatte runs about $15 and can be purchased online through the UK company's website (I have not found the original aerolatte in stores). It comes in black, stainless steel and even a bovine-patterned print (cute? weird?). It is such a great product worth purchasing not only for the amount of Starbucks drinks it will prevent you from overspending on but also for the satisfaction of preparing your very own frothed beverage!

*Addendum: The aerolatte can be purchased at Bed Bath and Beyond!


Check out this survey about Animal Welfare Approved products. It takes a few minutes to complete, but it helped me examine my views on eating sustainably. Plus you can enter their drawing for a $100 gift card toward animal products. $100 worth of grass-fed Kobe beef? I think yes! Worth a look!

Animal Welfare Approved has teamed up with the Center for Sustainable
Tourism at East Carolina University to conduct a nationwide study on
American food choices and tourism.

The project aims to develop a greater understanding of the sustainable food
market, motivations for purchase, and eating preferences while traveling.
How far will people go to get the foods they really want? The survey is
available here online.

Participants who complete the survey will be eligible to win a $100 gift
certificate for Animal Welfare Approved products, like the finest grassfed
beef, pasture-raised pork and world-class award-winning cheese. The survey
is open through March 31, 2011. Results of the survey are expected to be
available on June 1, 2011.

For information about the study, please contact Carol Kline at
klinec@ecu.edu or 919.306.1705.

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